As part of the BBC's Piano Season, Peter Donohoe has been asked by Radio 3 to choose 'Fifty Great Pianists'. It started on Monday 17 September. Each morning at 08.30 (Monday to Saturday), he briefly introduces one of the pianists, followed by their recorded performance of a short piece. Then later during the morning in Essential Classics, Rob Cowan and Sarah Walker will include the same pianist in a more extended work.

Choosing the pianist has been very rewarding, Peter's only regret is that he is limited to only fifty! The title of the series is "Fifty Great Pianists" - not "Fifty Greatest Pianists". I.E. This collection does not represent Peter's complete list of favourite pianists; there are many more whom he would like to have included. Neither does it represent an order of preference in any way at all. These artists - some internationally famous and some less well-known - are simply great pianists in many different ways...

So far one has heard :
John Ogdon                                                             Monday, September 17
Clifford Curzon                                                       Tuesday, September 18
Murray Perahia                                                       Wednesday, September 19
Bernard Roberts                                                      Thursday, September 20
Benjamin Britten                                                     Friday, September 21
Ferrucio Busoni and Egon Petrie                             Saturday, September 22
Solomon Cutner                                                      Sunday, September 23
Yvonne Loriod                                                        Monday, September 24
Alexander Brailowsky                                            Tuesday, September 25
Anne Quefelec                                                        Wednesday, September 26
Walter Gieseking                                                     Thursday, September 27
Alfred Cortot                                                          Friday, September 28
Manana Dodjashvili and Mannahem Pressler           Saturday, September 29
Halina Czerny-Stefanska                                        Sunday, September 30
Wilhelm Backhaus                                                  Monday, October 1
Radu Lupu                                                              Tuesday, October 2
Zoltan Kocsis                                                          Wednesday, October 3
Ingrid Haebler                                                         Thursday, October 4
Geza Anda                                                              Friday, October 5
Vladimir Ashkenazy                                               Saturday, October 6
Alfred Brendel and Wilhelm Kempff                      Sunday, October 7
Art Tatum                                                              Monday, October 8
Anton Kuerti                                                          Tuesday, October 9
Richard Goode                                                       Wednesday, October 10
Fou Ts'ong                                                             Thursday, October 11
Gabriela Montero                                                   Friday, October 12
Rudolf and Peter Serkin                                         Saturday, October 13
Glenn Gould                                                          Sunday, October 14
Sequiera Costa                                                      Monday, October 15
Maurizio Pollini                                                      Tuesday, October 16
Daniel Barenboim                                                  Wednesday, October 17
Martha Argerich                                                    Thursday, October 18
Arthur Rubinstein                                                   Friday, October 19
Lang Lang and Oscar Peterson                              Saturday, October 20
Sergei Rachmaninov                                              Sunday, October 21
Sviatoslav Richter and Emil Gilels                           Monday, October 22
Evgeny Kissin                                                       Tuesday, October 23
Lazar Berman                                                       Wednesday, October 24
Alexander Melnikov and Daniil Trifonov                 Thursday, October 25
Valentina Lititsa                                                     Friday, October 26
Béla Bartók and Annie Fisher                                Saturday, October 27
Dinu Lipatti                                                           Sunday, October 28