Congratulations to Xen Kelsey!

Congratulations to Xen Kelsey for both his walk of over 1000 miles and particularly for his thought-provoking document addressing the appalling state of music education in the UK. Before anyone tries to refute that word, have a look at the statistics (yes I know they lie, but I am not) in conservatoires, summer schools and competitions and at music awareness/knowledge amongst the younger generation. We have let them down - simple as that. And please don't mention the wonderful exceptions - of which there are many but not enough - because they prove nothing. I know I have banged on about

Fifty Great Pianists on BBC's Radio 3

As part of the BBC's Piano Season, Peter Donohoe has been asked by Radio 3 to choose 'Fifty Great Pianists'. It started on Monday 17 September. Each morning at 08.30 (Monday to Saturday), he briefly introduces one of the pianists, followed by their recorded performance of a short piece. Then later during the morning in Essential Classics, Rob Cowan and Sarah Walker will include the same pianist in a more extended work.

Choosing the pianist has been very rewarding, Peter's only regret is that he is limited to only fifty! The title of the series is "Fifty Great

OPUS ONE AT Sutton House

On Sunday, October 21 at 7.00 p.m. Peter Donohoe will perform his exclusive OPUS ONE recital program at the Sutton House Music Society. This concert will open their 2012/2013 season.
The program is devoted to the first published works by six great composers, and provides a fascinating insight into the diversity, maturity and originality that distinguishes these composers. The composers are Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev and Bartók - representing in the Slavic tradition - and Schumann, Berg and Brahms - representing the Germanic. All detailed information can be found here.