Peter Donohoe
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Chetham Blog Intro

Peter Donohoe writes about his years at Chetham's. Please read here the blog intro.

Chethams Years

Chethams Years: Please find here a series of impressions of the school itself and of the historical context of the time Peter Donohoe was a pupil there.

Chethams Staff

A series of memories of individual teachers at Chetham's who had an impact on Peter's future, as well as on that of many others'. Please read the full text "Chethams Staff" here.

Chethams Bullying

A separate document on the subject of bullying at Chetham's to which there is a link here.

Common Contemporary Composition Policy


I cannot claim that this is an original idea, but the friend who shared it with me (Arie Vardi of Tel Aviv) is not in the least bit interested in blogging, social networking, or indeed in anything to do with computers [I must say that I am beginning to see his point...]. So I thought I would in turn share it with my blog readers on his behalf.

Farmer's market

Rock, Pop and the Classical Musician


Today, I want to reflect on the strange relationship between a classical musician, or classical music-lover, and pop or rock music. I have written a lot because over the years I have thought a lot about it.